Indian Broadcasting Foundation (IBF)
Indian Broadcasting Foundation established in 1999 is India's premium apex organization of television broadcasters. IBF promotes the interests of the Indian Television Industry, making an essential and ever-increasing contribution to the Nation and working as a clearing house of ideas for this vast and rapidly growing industry. IBF consists of major broadcasters with more than 250 TV Channels. IBF enjoys a unique position as the accredited spokesman of the broadcasting industry.

IBF has played a significant role in a short span of time in protecting and promoting the interests of its members and freedom of electronic media in the world's largest democracy. IBF identifies and pursues growth opportunities for its members and ensures that the members present a strong collective voice regionally, nationally and globally. IBF, as the apex industry association of the Broadcast industry, plays a critical role in building consensus on major issues across the industry.

IBF strives to provide the best service to its members and deliver greater value through membership benefits, resources and services

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